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Saving Gigi, 859 Bloor St W

8pm - 11pm

Tickets for this night are 'Pay What You Feel' ONLINE - $15 at the door!

Remember being how easy it was to make friends as a kid? Always meeting and connecting with new and interesting people at parties and classes.


Then, as time went on and life got busier your social circle just naturally started to get smaller and smaller - which made it tougher to text a friend spontaneously, after a long day, for a quick hangout over a bite or drink or lounge in the park!


If you're wondering how to meet some new and exciting people, how to expand that social circle, and how to make new friends as an adult without having to take up a new hobby than we have the answer for you!


"Spill The Tea" is a night where you get to meet and share a laugh with other amazing people, just like YOU, in your city. Whether you come on your own or in a group this night is meant for fun and new friendships while listening to music and enjoying great vibes.


We will have a variety of ice-breaker games and treats for you to enjoy throughout the evening. As well, we have paired up with The Tea Service, a company that provides vintage crockery, so you can sip 'cold-tea' while 'spilling the tea' in style!


Filled with music, drinks, games, and more, this event is perfect for everyone looking to have some kid-like fun in a cool adult kind of way.



Toronto, ON

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