I’m living out my dream job every day and I honestly feel so blessed. 


“LolaSue” started as a school project back in Humber College over ten years ago (so simple math will tell you I’m 12, obviously, lol).  The name was an homage to Chile, the country in which I was born, and Canada the country in which I was raised.  I understood the importance of always being grateful to where you come from because it has such an influence in shaping whom we become.  


Lola means ‘young girl’ in Spanish (that’s the educational bit for ya...you’re welcome! lol) and Sue which sounds like a Canadian young girl's name. I loved conveying the idea of these two personas from different worlds being one and the same because that’s how I have always felt.  


Initially, I had been interested in opening up a clothing store, which quickly fell by the wayside once I was introduced to the wonderful world of event planning - I was hooked!  I love the excitement, the pride and the nerves that came with throwing a great party. I worked for a speed dating company for seven years in which I learned the ins and outs.  I absolutely loved it but always wished the events were more inclusive.  


I wanted to throw parties where everyone was welcome - with the number one goal being for friends to get together and celebrate!  Whether that celebration was a birthday, a promotion, or just finally finding the time to all get-together, I wanted to provide the space where we could raise a toast to just being friends!


Now here we are - TWO YEARS in (whoop whoooop)!!!  I am beside myself!  I’m so thankful to everyone who has come out over the years to show your support and get a little silly.


Thank you for being a part of making a dream become a dream come true.






Gabriela Asenjo


Toronto, ON


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