Thursday, November 22nd

Cadillac Lounge, 1296 Queen St W | 7:00pm to 10pm | Game at 8:00pm

Space is limited so get your tickets today!

$10 ONLINE (more at the door)


Are you looking to make the BIG city feel a little smaller?  Hoping to meet someone you can hangout with after a long day?  Or, are you looking to combine crews and take over the world?!  Whatever the reason you're looking to meet new amazing friends in Toronto, we're here for you with 'I'm In My 30s' Bingo!


I know, I know - you're thinking bingo?!  That's right, B-I-N-G-O bingo!  I promise you, it's nothing like you remember.  It's fast, it's loud, and only people in their 30s need apply.

We give you everything you need to play 6 rounds of bingo including little extras like 'Meme in the Mouth' for tiebreakers all while you meet a new group of people per round!  We also got a little creative and invented "side bets" which increase your chances of walking away a winner!


On top of all of that, you'll get to indulge in Cadillac Lounge's amazing Bingo Specials like $6 tall cans of Tiger lager and $10 margarita pizzas! 

Filled with music, drinks, prizes, and more this event is perfect for everyone who wants to embrace some kid-like fun in a cool-adult kind of way.


*Please Note - we will be carding people at the door and if you are not in your 30s, or don't have ID, you will not be allowed entry and your payment will be forfeited.


Toronto, ON

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